US media: The suicide rate surge during the US Air Force’s epidemic

US media: The suicide rate surge during the US Air Force’s epidemic

The US "Air Force Times" April 23 report reveals the problem of suicide in the new crown epidemic in the new crown epidemic. According to the report, although the US Air Force is promoting the problem of solving military mental health, it is not possible to successfully reduce the number of suicides.

According to reports, according to the statistics of the Pentagon, 81 Air Force’s active soldiers, 16 air force national guards and 12 Air Force reserve staff committed suicide in 2020, the total number reached 109 people, the same as 2019. In the past two years, the annual suicide in the US Air Force is nearly 30 people in 2018, and is also the highest level since 2015. "Air Force Times" invoked the report that the Pentagon and the US Air Force have announced the data and research in the previous announcement. Before 2019, there were 84 air-duty soldiers suicide. In 2015, there were 64 Air Force’s active soldiers committed suicide.

In a study in 2009, the US Air Force said that during 1990 to 2004, there were 42 air-moving soldiers committed suicide, but no more than 62 people per year. According to the report, the big popularity of new crown viruses has subverted daily life around the world, the US Air Force is worried, social distance restrictions, family life and business travel and other stress factors will promote the rise of military suicide, the US Air Force will turn to telemedicine, for its soldiers Provide remote assistance. Among a report released on April 1, the US Air Force also said that during 2020, more than 200,000 firearms locks were issued to the troops to delay the time of the soldiers to get possible deadly weapons.

According to this report of the US Air Force, more than 70% of the suicide in the suicide of more than 70% since 2015 have been related.

Report also mentioned that critics said that the US commander’s emphasis on military mental health and suicide issues is not enough, and the potential factors that lead to emotional plaguing in military life have not been resolved. (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.