Shihezi City, the eighth division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps – transforming the old community sharing happiness life

Shihezi City, the eighth division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps – transforming the old community sharing happiness life

[] [Binal No.] [] "This big rice is buy now, or wait for the child to buy again when we came home?" "Buy it, now there is an elevator, no need to pick up the floor.

"On this day, Liu Fengxian is in the supermarket purchase – there is a fresh vegetable, daily necessities in the shopping cart, and a bucket of edible oil, the old two is ready to take a bag of 5 kilograms of rice.

In the past, Liu Fengxian did not dare to buy so many things in one time. "Live in the 6th floor of the old community, climb the building is hard, don’t say more to a bag of rice." Liu Fengxian lives in Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps City 3 community.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, her house installed elevator has just delivered it, and the old couples are happy to meet the children who come back.

  Since 2019, Shihezi City fully launched the renovation of urban old communities, solved a group of problems that were very embarrassed.

  "I heard that the community should transform it, I don’t know how to change." On the day of last year, Zhang Jianwei, who was famous in Shihe City, Tianfu City, said, said that he is looking forward to getting out of get off work earlier and can’t find a parking space. question. Not long, a survey watch for residents’ opinions was sent to Zhang Jianwei. He seriously wrote "I hope to solve the problem of parking in the community", which is also a common demand for the residents of the community.

  "To flatter the road of pits, walk in the night, I am afraid of wrestling.

"" The exterior is insulated? In the 22-1 community conference room, a resident opinion on how the old community is transformed, and more than 30 resident representatives are sitting together with the community party cadres.

  On the weekend, many citizens of the Shihezi will see the staff wearing the red vest to explain the old community renovation policy and understand the needs of the masses.

The "Red Veyl" team consisting of party members and cadres collects more than 60,000 people’s will list, involving water supply, power supply, road, parking space, and greening.

  "To be widely used in design, construction, management, etc., the people are wareged, and the migrant workers." "What is the need for the masses, what is the problem, it is priority, the old community renovation is more convenient and comfortable. "Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps" Shihezi City Party Committee Secretary, Missionary Director Dong Yifeng "said. On the basis of comprehensively soliciting the proposal of the masses, the old community transformation has changed to the heart of the residents. On December 12, Zhang Jianwei’s shopping returned to the parking space, "adding more than 1,800 parking spaces in the community, no longer need to be a parking.

"As of now, there are 22 old communities in Shihezi City to complete the overall transformation, and 28 old communities completed special transformation.

After all of the renovation projects, we will benefit from 10,000 households.

  "My son came back from Hangzhou, I almost found it.

"Liu Fen family lived in the 5th community. After the transformation, the road became wed well, the private machine was unable to built, and the exterior wall also brushed the bright colors." Each building has made earthquake reinforcement and exterior heat preservation, but also updated Underground pipe network, no longer worry about the sewage of sewage.

"6 community residents Cai Xiangqin said. According to the actual situation of each community, the overall function of small and micro parks, cultural activities, etc.

In the past three years, there have been a total of approximately 400,000 meters of water supply and power supply and power supply and power supply, and the street road is approximately 760,000 square meters, and the fitness and leisure small square, 38 small and micro parks, and transform new community green space more than 500,000 square square meters. Meter.

  Located in the 1 community on the north and south axles of Shihezi City, there is a good early building group with military style.

"In the process of transformation, we actively improve the construction of community infrastructure. On the one hand, we will try to excavate urban cultural connotations.

  According to the planning design, the 1 community is included in the core area of ??the military style. When the transformation is the center of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the military cultural square, the people’s cinema small theater, the 22nd site, and build a military sculpture and the genus Son, Poyang and other military cultural experiences, forming a military-style tourist route that can be experienced, viewing, and showing performances, can also shop, entertainment, and food. 22-2 When the community is transformed, an old man is busy. The old man named Sun Jinhong, he is a team member of the old city to transform safety inspection team, throughout the day, supervising the progress and quality of the project.

The renovation of the old community is related to every resident. Shihezi City actively grasses the role of community party organizations and promotes extensive participation in residents.

  There is a North Ring Road Commercial Street in 120 shops in the 1 community, which is included in the renovation and demolition.

Hold the owner’s symposium, go to the door to explain the policy, Zhang list publicity plan … After the start of the demolition work, the staff of the 1 community renovation headquarters did his best to listen to the owner’s will, helping to resolve the demand, and enhance the people’s trust. The cadres of the Shihezi Municipal Bureau of Statistics sank to the street work to the commercial block owner Ye Tengcai family as a policy communication work, he has not finished, Ye Wencai will form: "This is a people’s livelihood project, I strongly support!" After each cell renovation project is basically completed, the old community renovation leading group will organize community staff and resident representatives to conduct pre-acceptance work. Is there any construction in accordance with the planning? Is there any implementation of the appeal in the early stage? The community staff and the resident representatives look at it, while checking, and feedback to the construction party in time.

  "Government guided, grassroots promotion, multi-co-construction, construction management," (Editor: Miao Su).