Xie Binong: Gan is a "migrant bird" to teach the mountain

Xie Binong: Gan is a "migrant bird" to teach the mountain

In 2013, the Air Force’s senior engineer Xie Bin Rong returned to the hometown from the troops.

An accidental opportunity, she graduated from the Normal College saw news from the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Liangshan, Sichuan Province.

At that time, she moved the idea of ??taught.

Since then, Xie Bin Rong is like a "migratory bird", goes to and from the mountains in the mountains, and gives the children of the Daliang Mountain to "title" to knowledge and love.

Xie Binrong, born in October 1971, Chongqing Zhongxian People, Sichuan Liangshanzhou Meigu County, Sichuan Province, Meiji County, Taguang Village Teaching Point Education Volunteers, Issued "National Mandari Red Flagner" and "National Helpful Model" , The title of "the most beautiful retired military" is awarded the "most beautiful retired military" by the Central Propaganda Department and the Detailed Military Affairs Department.

Xie Bin Rong, who entered the army in 1993, served in the end of the Yinaqi area of ??Inner Mongolia in Inner Mongolia.

At the beginning of 2014, she only went to Liangshan and became a tutor. Every school starts, she came to the mountain to teach, and she is a few months.

From Xichang City Taishi Town, Zhechie Ethics to Meigu County, I violently, and then went to Zhaogu Village, Towa Township, Mei Gu County, Xie Binong self-edited songs, kids children to understand pinyin and Chinese characters, and adaptate the text Cheng Song Drama let the children self-directed and help them develop good habits.

What is unforgettable for the Yi girl Jirsgi, there is still a sick, I can’t walk, Xie Teacher takes her home, always accompany her to the family.

Since then, she shouted the teacher "Aunt" in the future. "

"I really treat these children, they will take you as a family.

Xie Bin Rong said.

So far, Xie Bin Rong has adhered to the 11 semesters at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, the traffic is inconvenient, and the water-free electricity has adhered to the 11 semesters. He has raised more than 20,000 yuan to build a classroom. Dock and introduce funds for farming poverty alleviation. (Editor: Zhang Lanxin (intern), Chen Yu) Share let more people see.