What should I pay attention to with self-heating food? The journey is carried and complied with the regulations should not be eaten for a long time.

What should I pay attention to with self-heating food? The journey is carried and complied with the regulations should not be eaten for a long time.

People’s Network Beijing September 3 (Reporter Sun Hongli) As people’s life rhythm, fast and convenient self-heating food gradually spread, adapted to "one food", travel and other consumer demand.

Recently, the Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Administration issues consumption tips, self-heated bag raw materials are mostly magnesium powder, iron powder, aluminum powder, raw lime, etc., and a small amount of hydrogen is generated when it is exothermic with water. If you use a lot of self-heating food at the same time, you should choose a good food.

Some consumers will use self-heating food in the trip, but should comply with relevant regulations to ensure the safety of the journey. In addition, magnesium powder, aluminum powder belong to aviation dangerous goods, China’s civil aviation bureau will prohibit portable carrying and consignment; the gas generated by hot food in the heating process may induce smoke alarm, more and more clearly prohibited from using self-heating on the train food. It is understood that self-hot food is a convenient food, does not rely on a common open flame, etc., it is necessary to generate heat with cool water and packaging from the packaging, you can achieve recovery of food. Common self-heating foods have hot pot, rice, porridge, rice noodles (rice noodles), soup, etc. The Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Administration suggests that consumers should choose the products produced by the formal manufacturers when they buy themselves; if they observe the packaging box, whether the bag is completely free; do not buy the label information is not full.

Before you eat auto-hot food, if you find that you can have a phenomenon such as dwelling powder, you don’t use it.

When heating is heated, it should be strictly operated in accordance with the self-heating food specification step. When using self-heating food, it should be used to react with self-heating. If it adds hot water or boiling water, it is easy to expand due to overspeaking, resulting in severe inflation, or even rupture; when heating, it should ensure the venting hole on the outer packaging Or the exhaust hole is smooth, so as not to cause a sudden crack of the outer packaging due to the excessive steam pressure, the burns occur, and the consumers should take care of children. When heating, try to avoid touch external packaging, waiting for self-hot bag no longer responding, Food has dropped to the suitable temperature and then eat it to avoid burns.

In addition, the Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Administration also reminded that the self-hot food is reheated with the food from the self-contained heat, and the heat source is not directly contacted with food without affecting edible.

However, as a member of the convenience of food, self-hot food nutrition is relatively simple, it is not suitable for long-term consumption, consumers should reasonably choose the meal according to their own physical condition.