Respect for professional ethics, be a dedicated constructor

Respect for professional ethics, be a dedicated constructor

  The words "moral", the components in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people can be described as a thousand.

The source of the millennium civilization has long, making us inheritance of the precious quality of Chongde to good, Mingde’s impromptu. Jut from farming civilization into the industrial era, also derived more contextual expression of morality.

From the reform and opening up, it began to work hard to become the world’s second largest economy. In the overtime, the new vocabulary of "professional ethics" became popular. It allows workers to redefine their awareness of posts and careers.

  Under the historical orientation of the new era, "professional ethics" has also updated the connotation output. Recently released, "The Implementation Outline of New Era Citizens’ Moral Construction", "promoting the practice of dedication, honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, enthusiasm, dedication to the main content, encourage people to do a good construction in work By". Have dreams, have a chance, have struggles, everything is beautiful, can be created.

In "Thinking" and "Get", you need a "do" process, and the career gives this dream to carry the best path.

  Because of the difference in the water level, people have deviated the awareness of the occupation. Some people think it is the job of supporting a family, and some people think it is a platform for achieving value. Express brother, sanitation workers, taxi drivers, or scientists, engineers, "big country craftsmen", vocational attributes are there are thousands of differences, but the same is that the career is created to create our happiness, and it is true to define their growth progress. .

  Microscopic sense of accomplishment can bring macro-governing – hundreds of millions of builders pay fettle in professional positions, and finally collect the rolling floods in the era.

This macro narrative is enough to let us have the greatest awe of professionalism. However, the specific to everyone is treated with occupations, but it is only just emotional hugs, and it should have a physical and mental preparation with dozens of life. Just like the ship entered the sea, there is a fixed position, and there is no loss of the direction. Professional ethics, there is such a reflection.

  "Avenue is simple, it is necessary to", this is a relatively appropriate words of professional ethics. Professional morality is not only spiritual pursuit, but also should have practical achievements.

砥 职 职 操, adhere to the professionalism, do a good job – every time you see these simple words, we also have the transformation from internalization from the heart, and professional moral is picking up Ladder.

  Dialectically, professional skills are just a shallow level, and the blessing of professional ethics is the key to the "distinct". "Snake the sleeve to refuel the dry", "the empty talk, the country, the trunk" "seek realistic," there is no regret "," in every professional position, we hold us, hit the sweat, hard work Struggling, there is a qualification to present a "dedication". Respecting professional ethics, making a dedicated construction. A Chinese women’s volleyball team that wins the World Cup champion, "First Secretary", which is decentralized to the leadership of the leader, and the average age of more than 30 Chinese space teams, run away from the takeaway of the street … Examining with professional ethics, it will find that everyone’s occupation is indispensable, and there is no high and lowest odor.

Do your job in your career, you can look up at this era. Now, we actively promote the practice of career morality that is dedicated to dedication, honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, enthusiasm, and dedication to society as the main content. Use the position to take the big and serve the motherland with dedication. In this way, you can be worthy of great new era. (Xie Weifeng).