Helping the epidemic of the "epidemic" line of the Youth Volunteer of the Shanxi Branch of the Shanxi Branch of the Opttics and Control of the Epidemium

Helping the epidemic of the "epidemic" line of the Youth Volunteer of the Shanxi Branch of the Shanxi Branch of the Opttics and Control of the Epidemium

Recently, a new type of coronary virus appeared in Shanxi, and the CCB Shanxi Branch immediately launched a volunteer service activity of "promoting the spirit of Lei Feng’s spiritual practice", actively organized the branch of the branch to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic in various ways, and helped by the youth forces to help push up Phantom epidemic prevention and control "protection network".

In Xinzhou, the branch committee of the branch committee actively connected the community service center, and selected young employees to participate in the wishes of the epidemic prevention and control. The first time they went to the epidemic prevention and control point to maintain order, guarded the pass, and fought the medical workers on the front line of the battle against the epidemic. Send food and office supplies.

In Taiyuan, members of the CCB Nancheng Sub -branch in Shanxi Provincial Government Affairs Center and the team of Taiyuan Municipal Government Affairs Center set up a group of Lei Feng group to take the initiative to undertake disinfection work in public areas, and assist the staff of the government center to register, guide and divert information.

In Jinzhong, CCB Youth Volunteer became a propagandist and instructor at the local new crown vaccine vaccination site, and patiently and enthusiastic about vaccination mobilization and propaganda, guiding diversion, and answering questions. In particular, the employees of the CCB Taigu Sub -branch incarnate "CCB Blue" into "volunteer red", actively responded to the call, actively asked for, and actively devoted themselves to the prevention work of the residential community.

Volunteers ran at the community nucleic acid test site to assist the community to maintain the order of the site, ensure that the sampling of nucleic acid sampling is carried out in an orderly manner. Since the epidemic in the local area of ??Shanxi, various outlets of the Shanxi Branch of the Shanxi Province of Shanxi Province have provided disinfection -free handwashing, masks, resistance, and anti -sanitary workers such as traffic police and sanitation workers through "workers’ harbor", "Youth House" and "Youth Post Station". Epidemic prevention services such as viral drugs and actively actively become "propaganda" to promote the popularization of epidemic prevention knowledge. Herbal and trees, spring mountains are expected. CCB Shanxi Branch will continue to practice the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress", and use the heart of the redness and subtle moves to continuously optimize financial services, fully keep the epidemic prevention position, and serve the anti -epidemic work of the Three Jin Dynasty. Contribute positive power. (Ren Jinyuan) (Responsible editor: Duan Siqi, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see recommended reading.