"Cold Fireworks" is also the fireworks Shanghai police strengthen the safety of dangerous goods control.

"Cold Fireworks" is also the fireworks Shanghai police strengthen the safety of dangerous goods control.

People’s Network Shanghai November 18th (Wang Wenjuan) Insert a "Fairy Bar" on the birthday cake, and ignite cold fireworks at that moment, it is indeed more beautiful and dream than traditional candles. And buy a cake with "Fairy Bat", but also became a lot of traffic "signboard" in many net red cake shops. I don’t know if there is a lot of safety hazards behind this.

"Cold Fireworks" is also known as cold light fireworks, is a mixed fireworks and other low metal powders, and the cold light smokeless fireworks processed according to a certain proportion.

On the surface, the cold fireworks are simple, the smoke is small, but it is still a fireworks and firecrackers, which is also a flammable and explosive dangerous goods.

When the "cold fireworks" is discharged, the spray spout is up to 700 to 800 degrees, burns the body, igniting items, and thus causing fire, leading to personal injury, and many places have taken more in indoor burning "cold fireworks" Combustible materials, lethal damaged fire accidents. On October 23, according to the preliminary investigation, the Putuo police launched a centralized rectification actions for illegal sales of the cold fireworks in the entire area, and there is a cake shop selling "cold fireworks" in the jurisdiction. Inspection of.

During the inspection, most merchants immediately seized the "cold fireworks" of all kinds of inventories to the police, but there were also individual merchants to hide "cold fireworks" in the store outside the store, attempted to escape the penalty. The police found illegally selling "cold fireworks" in the inspection, and the administrative penalties were made according to law according to law.

In the action, there were 11 sold free fireworks stores and the administrative penalties were administered, and a total of more than 2,950 cold fireworks were collected. Since 2009, the Ministry of Public Security has clearly integrated "cold fireworks" into fireworks and firecrackers management, strictly implement the relevant provisions of fireworks and firecrackers safety management.

On February 16 this year, the State Council of the State Council further deployed the investigation and deal with the "cold fireworks" production and transportation sales such as violations.

In the special action of "Sword No. 1", the Shanghai Public Security Bureau jointly integrated the control of dangerous items, and strived strong measures to focus on rectifying illegal production and transportation and selling "cold fireworks" illegal crimes. On the one hand, comprehensively combining the relevant alarms in recent years, reporting clues and administrative supervision departments involving "cold fireworks" production and transportation sales clues, on the other hand, close attention to various social platforms and major e-commerce platforms to strengthen network inspection efforts, "Cold Fireworks" "Fairy" and derived keywords, research and judgment related clues, and implement in-depth investigation of strength. On October 24, the Public Security Corps received a group of cake shops, supermarkets, stationery stores of "cold fireworks", and organized a unified intensive combination, and received more than 6,000 "cold fireworks". The police suggested that "cold fireworks" belongs to fireworks and firecrackers, production, operation, and transportation "cold fireworks" must obtain the corresponding safety permit.

The people must purchase regular products from retail outlets with fireworks and firecrackers operating (retail) licenses, and strictly abide by Shanghai fireworks and firecrackers, set up in designated regions. When "Cold Fireworks" is placed, the safety measures for fireworks and firecrackers should be taken, and the accidents such as accidents have caused accidents such as fires. Explosives is a major hidden danger affecting public safety. In the special action of "Sword No. 1", Shanghai police conducted in-depth development of "Dynamic Hidden Dynamics", against gun explosive goods, black vapor diesel, bottled liquefied gas, "cold fireworks" and other dangerous items, continuously strengthen safety control measures, Continue to crack down on relevant illegal crimes, seek to clear safety hazards to ensure urban public safety. (Editor: Wang Wenjuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.