"Family Chinese" into South Taiwan

"Family Chinese" into South Taiwan

  On the evening of November 2, the Taiwan Chiayi City Cultural Bureau, "Family China Halling the Taiwan" literary evening ended in the applause of nearly a thousand viewers. At this point, the art group Taiwan tour was successfully concluded.

  This is the third time I visited Taiwan for the third time I visited Taiwan.

This time, the China Overseas Chinese Federation, China Song Qingling Foundation, Anhui Provincial Overseas Federation and Taiwan’s "China Youth China Research Cultural Education Foundation" and other units.

  "Family China" Art Troupe, Minister Chen Mai, Minister of China’s Overseas Chinese Federation Cultural Exchange, said, "Family China" art group has held more than 770 performances in more than 200 cities in 69 countries and regions around the world. This Taiwan line, except for Taipei, they specially choose Hualiensi, Ping East and Chiayi, and the central South of Taiwan in the mainland perform groups. "The effect is unexpected", almost the scene is full, and there are many people who have no tickets to come. At Chiayi, dozens of viewers came to watch from Yunlin for more than an hour. Finally, the organizer has faced more than 50 people who can’t admit admission, have to give gifts to the gift. "Family China" Sanjin Taiwan, "China Youth Mainland Research Cultural Education Foundation" is one of the organizer. Chairman Li Zhonggui evaluation, three performances were very successful, and the actor’s lineup was strong. The tour was a wonderful performance of the Power of the Chinese Acupuncture Troupe. Three programs such as the "Snow Tuning – Roller" of the Chinese Acupuncture Troupe are all won the work of the world’s acrobatic highest award "Golden Clown" award, "male and female soft power" and other programs are both soft and beautiful and thrilling, often applause Ambulance.

Each performance ends, there are audiences to run with Hu Qin player Jiang Kemei shadow, a Jiasi audience praised that she is "playing with life." Xu Jun, Yu Shun, the Huangmei Opera "The husband and wife pair", the Miao singer Ayrao, the Hakka singer combined fine brother, etc., the songs with a rich national style, and the performance carries heavy Chinese culture.

Li Zhonggui said that it is a profound Chinese culture, which is tightly condensed with Chinese children, including bilateral compatriots.