"Immersing" read the two-shore of the sea culture, two sides of the store, join hands with "Creative Shencheng" broadcast

"Immersing" read the two-shore of the sea culture, two sides of the store, join hands with "Creative Shencheng" broadcast

The "Love Youth · Creative Shencheng" exchange activities open.

The responding institution provides Xinhua News Agency on October 23 (Reporter Wang Yuyuan Xu Xiaoying) Try to settle the puppet, perform a group of Shanghai nursery rhymes; then enter the museum, face to Culture experts … 30 in Shanghai At the same time, the college students attending the Taiwan Straits were in the Shanghai community and public cultural venues, participated in the "Love Youth · Creative Shencheng" two-strait Youth Dental Exchange Activity. The event is sponsored by the Chinese Cultural Association, Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, divided into two major parts of field and online, focusing on creative design, and encouraging young people from both sides of the strait to participate in Shanghai Wenchuang product design and display. A student concentrates on displaying shadow puppets.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Yuyuan took the first day of the event, the two sides of the Taiwanese youth visited the Shanghai Puppet Plaw and the Shanghai Museum. "This is my first time I saw so many puppet in Shanghai.

Wang Anni, who is studying at the Shanghai Drama Academy, said, "This gave me a new perspective of the Haihai culture, and also brought new inspiration to my design. "In the Shanghai Museum, the two sides of the sate of youth and experts have exchanged, learn to understand the small damages of the museum.

In the following days, they will visit Taiwan-funded enterprises such as Want Want Group, surround the theme of the text, conduct discussions, and collide more creative sparks.

Among the activities, youth learns the puppet performance in the Shanghai Puppet Play Troupe. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Yuyuan photo "I hope I can talk through the new ideas, I also hope that the two sides of the store will work together to push the idea to the whole world." At the beginning of the University of Fudan, Taisheng Cai Mengxuan said.

According to reports, some excellent design works born in this event will be recommended to "Sea Wenchuang" chain brand store show sales.

"Love Youth" series exchange activities continue to hold in the mainland since 2014, this year is the 8th, and the activities will be held in Shanghai for the third consecutive year.

Series exchange activities have been surrounded by art fields such as film and television, drama, music, and specializing in the two-strait youth. The exchange activities will last until November, the closing ceremony will also hold two-strait youth design results exhibition in Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower.

Editor in charge: Wang Huishan.