[Evaluation Line] Zhong’an Time Review: Multiple measures, weaving the network of social security networks

[Evaluation Line] Zhong’an Time Review: Multiple measures, weaving the network of social security networks

  Recently, the 8th issue of "Seeking" magazine published an important article by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s "Promoting High -quality and Sustainable Development of my country’s Social Security and Sustainable Development". The article emphasizes that it is necessary to provide more reliable and sufficient guarantees for the people of the people, continuously meet the multiple levels of diversified needs of the people, and improve the multi -level social security system that covers the people, coordinate urban and rural areas, fair, unified, and sustainable social security. The security net promotes the high -quality and sustainable development of my country’s social security undertakings. The well -being of the people’s livelihood, Nianzi. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has attached great importance to the improvement of people’s livelihood and social security work, unified the basic pension insurance system for urban and rural residents, established the central government -regulating system for the basic endowment insurance fund of enterprise employees, integrating the basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents , Comprehensively implement the major illness insurance for urban and rural residents, and the construction of my country’s social security system has entered the fast track. However, we should also see that the current level of social security’s overall planning needs to be improved, and the pressure on the income and expenditure contradictions in the area is relatively high. The differences in different treatment between urban and rural areas, regions, and groups are still very prominent.

Party committees and governments at all levels should increase the re -distribution efforts, strengthen mutual assistance and help, and improve the multi -level social security system that covers the entire population, coordinate urban and rural areas, fair, unified, and sustainable, and further weaving social security and security networks.

  Seeking truth from facts, doing force, and accelerating the construction of a social security system with Chinese characteristics.

Due to the differences in development level, social conditions, and cultural characteristics, the social security systems of countries around the world are different. We cannot copy according to it, let alone copy it. Instead, we must based on national conditions, actively explore, bold innovation, and accelerate the construction of distinctive Chinese characteristics. Social security system.

On the one hand, we must adhere to the people’s supremacy and make the results of reform and development more fair and benefit all the people.

Focusing on the goals of full coverage, basic, multi -level, sustainable, etc., do their best to do their best, and build the level of social security on the basis of economic and financial sustainable growth. Promote the well -being of people’s livelihood and promote social fairness. On the other hand, we must adhere to systemic concepts and improve the foresight and initiative of social security work.

To accurately judge the trend of the aging population in my country in the future, the life expectancy of the per capita expectations, the increase in education, and the changes in labor structure, analyze the new situations and problems that social security may face, take precautions, and take precautionary measures.

  Councing difficulties and coordinated promotion, and comprehensively promoted the reform and innovation of the social security system. At present, with the continuous deepening of comprehensive deepening reforms, the reform of the social security system has also entered a new stage of system integration and coordinated and efficient. It is necessary to coordinate the connection with reforms with other fields to ensure that various reforms form an overall joint force. On the one hand, we must adhere to the problem orientation and focus on solving strong troubles, worries and worries about the masses in terms of social security. Establish and improve the multi -level, multi -pillar endowment insurance service system, improve the basic pension and basic medical insurance benefits adjustment mechanism, and better meet the diverse social security needs of the masses. On the other hand, it is necessary to give play to the special role of social security to respond to risks and challenges. Effectively play the role of policies such as stabilizing enterprise relief and social security payment and exemption on the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control, and improving the emergency response mechanism of my country’s social security system for major risks. , And can cope with the significant effect of unpredictable risks that are unpredictable. Strengthen supervision, improve quality and efficiency, and continuously improve the level of social security services.

Social security work involves a wide range of funds and large investment in funds. It is necessary to promote the healthy development of social security undertakings on the track of the rule of law. We must work harder to improve the degree of refinement management and service level, and continuously improve the effectiveness of social security governance. On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the level of social security.

Accelerate the improvement of laws in social insurance, assistance and welfare, and implement the social security rights, obligations and responsibilities of governments and units, individuals and society at all levels, individuals and society in accordance with the law. Improve the supervision system of the social security fund, prevent and resolve the risk of funds, and maintain the security of the fund.

On the other hand, we must strengthen the refined management of social security. Improve the five -level social security management system and service network of the central government from the central government, the city, county, and townships (streets), and make full use of the Internet, big data, cloud computing and other information technologies to gradually adapt to the trend of large -scale flow of population and rapid employment. Improve the measures for the registration and transfer of social insurance relations, improve the accurate identification mechanism of social assistance and social welfare objects, and realize the best guarantees, assistance to assist, and enjoy it.

  The deployment of one point, the nine points were implemented.

Improve the top -level design, strengthen reform and innovation, and improve the level of supervision, and for a long time for merits, good starts, and good achievements. We will make new and greater contributions to promoting the high -quality development and sustainable development of my country’s social security undertakings.