[Evaluation Line] Loess Wind Network Review: Accelerate the "construction of barrier -free environment"

[Evaluation Line] Loess Wind Network Review: Accelerate the "construction of barrier -free environment"

At the theme launch conference of the Winter Paralympics on March 6, Eliana Roderiger, an obstacle -free expert of the International Paralympic Committee, said: "Make the disabled people more actively integrate into the society, Beijing is undoubtedly undoubtedly in Beijing. A benchmark is set up to the host of the next Winter Paralympic Games.

"In order to create an obstacle -free environment, the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games has made hundreds of thousands of infrastructure in the three regions; 81%of the comprehensive service facilities of villages (communities) nationwide, 56%of service counters, 38%of the service counters, 38% The toilet has been constructed and transformed by barrier -free, and the lives of 85 million disabled people in China will benefit from it.

To accelerate the "construction of barrier -free environment", we must adhere to the government’s leadership. Cabin -free facilities are the basic guarantee for the normal work and life of the disabled, and it is also an important symbol of social civilization. The government must plan and promote the "construction of barrier -free environment". It is necessary to further improve the function of community barrier -free service and promote the transformation of barrier -free facilities in old residential areas.

Strengthen the construction and reconstruction of barrier -free facilities in the employment environment, and employers of disabled people must meet the needs of disabled people with obstacles. It is necessary to further clarify the responsible persons of barrier -free facilities, refine management responsibilities, and solve the problems of inadequate maintenance and management.

Strengthen the construction of barrier -free facilities and optimize the function of barrier -free facilities. The basic buildings and facilities for newly built, reconstructed and expand in urban and towns must meet the construction standards for engineering construction in barrier -free facilities.

The main roads and channels of the city are equipped with barrier -free facilities in accordance with standards. The government gives corresponding subsidies to employers who have transformed barrier -free transformation. At the same time, it is clear that the requirements for the preservation supervision mechanism and the implementation of responsibility, and ensure that the related work of the construction of barrier -free environmental construction can be implemented. To accelerate the "construction of barrier -free environment", we must adhere to social participation. Ensure that people with disabilities obtain information equality and conveniently.

Social departments should incorporate barrier -free information construction into information construction planning to ensure that social activities in social activities have no obstacles. Public service agencies and public places should provide corresponding barrier -free communication services and facilitate it.

促进残疾人利用信息技术参与社会活动,要统筹推进出行无障碍平台建设,整合各类数据资源,利用信息技术,利用无障碍地图、导航、远程服务等方式,提供无障碍信息交流服务;银行、 Operators such as telecommunications, supermarkets, etc. should provide barrier -free services that facilitate the communication and use of disabled people, and configure barrier -free ramps, barrier -free parking spaces, low -level service desks, love seats, mobile filling desks, blind business guidelines, blindness assistance Cabin -free facilities such as currency signature cards and old flowers mirrors. To accelerate the "construction of barrier -free environment", we must adhere to national actions.

Cabainer -free society to serve the whole people is an important part of the construction of barrier -free environment.

To enhance barrier -free services throughout the society, the entire people must strengthen the guarantee of comprehensive barrier -free services. 110, 120 and other emergency call systems and the hotline of government service service should gradually have the functions of text information alarm, calling and other functions; the emergency evacuation venue gradually improves the function of obstacle -free service to ensure the needs of emergency evacuation, temporary asylum and life of disabled people; Occupational qualification examinations and office examinations must be facilitated for the examination of the disabled; public transportation, cultural tourism, medical and health and other key service areas must gradually formulate and improve barrier -free service standards and specifications. When the disabled service dog enters public places and takes public transport, it shall provide barrier -free services in accordance with regulations. (Chen Zhengrui).