[Theory Mu Class] Reudron: Tank Development

[Theory Mu Class] Reudron: Tank Development

  [What kind of confusion is encountered in the development iteration of tanks? How to break? [Speaker] [Text Record] The development of tanks has been more than a hundred years of history. From the trend of tanks during a war, they have been perfected during the World War II, and the tanks play an increasingly important role in war. So what is a tank? First, it has strong armor protection, followed by powerful firepower and good maneuverability, and has a rotating turret, such a track vehicle is called a tank.

Then, with the end of the World War, the main battle tanks have been different. The main battle tank has formed the first generation of the main battle tank. Where is the technical breakthrough? Large caliber artillery and math diesel engine, which tanks are the main representative? Former Soviet T-54, US M48, then like this car is the first generation of the main battle tanks after the past. With the emergence of new technologies, advanced, mechanical, optical, hydraulic, then followed these new technologies after a lot of use on the tank, the second generation of the main battle tanks appeared, then the second generation What are the tanks in the main battle tank Representative? The T-62 like the Soviet Union includes the US military M62, such tanks are the so-called second generation tanks.

So after the first tank in France installed the board, many tanks installed a large number of computer systems, then the third generation of tanks appeared as the development of network information.

Then, the third generation of tanks are mainly using a lot of computers, network information such as network information.

So what is the representative of the third generation of tanks? This is more advanced like T-90, M1A, including these tanks and German leopard 2, which are considered the third generation of the main tanks.

  However, the tank has been caught in a strange circle during the development process, which means that in order to prevent the enemy’s artillery from breaking my armor, the armor is getting stronger and thicker, from the past layer to the composite armor, to the later development of the depleted uranium armor, The armor is getting worse.

Then the artillery is getting bigger and bigger in order to break down the enemy’s armor. The type of artillery is getting bigger and bigger, and the past 79 cannon becomes 85 guns, becomes a 100 gun, becomes 105 guns, 115 guns, 125 guns .. …. Now some countries are said to have been prepared to install a large diameter artillery of 140 mm.

  In order to adapt to drive these heavy tanks, the engine’s horsepower also has from the past 300 to 500 to 1000, to the later 1500, it is now said that some countries have prepared 2,000 horsepower engines.

  Then you say that the tank is always so unlimited to have a limit. When is it perimeter, the gun diameter is rough, the armor is thick and the thickness is the limit, and the cost is the limit.

In order to break through these limits, break through this strange circle, the new concept of the new concept will appear. Then, with the development of military technology and the demand of different battlefields, it is also forces that the tank should change this image on the future battlefield, so with the development of new military technology, with the new concept of the battlefield, these things I have gradually come out.

Artillery with new concepts, ammunition with new concepts, new concepts of motorized drive mode, new concept’s active protection system, and new concept allegations system. So next, we will introduce you to you by the five-day time: New concept artillery, new concept of sphin, new concept protection system, new concept’s driving method and new concept allegations, I hope everyone can pay attention View.